Week 7 - Bug in the patch series & [WIP] Implementation of amend! commit

Last week was spent debugging the patch series, solving bug, addressing the code reviews and also doing some corrections in implementation of amend! commit.

Progress :

I continued with the implementation of amend! commit work-branch. Also I got stuck, as I was unable to track the extra commented lines adding to the amend! commit message body. After discussing with mentors I got a way out for this. So the reason was that I was setting use_editor variable in prepare_to_commit() and it gets reset in the parse_and_validate_options() function which sets the cleanup_mode other than the default one. It was a silly bug but I learned to track the bug and liked the way everything is structured in the codebase. Sometimes it gets difficult to track but it’s equally important to write readable and maintainable code and I am learning too. :)

Next, received reviews on the v2-Patch series. Got some suggestions on documentation and to add the additional tests for multiple fixup -c sequences in interactive rebase, to check if it opens the editor once. And here I will not forget to mention that there was a minor bug in the patch series as it was failing to open the editor for sequence fixup -c fixup -C. Next, other changes suggested in the patch series is to simplify the subject_length() function previously written by Phillip, I learned a way out after discussions and also to do some corrections in the t3415-rebase-autosquash.sh and I also admit that this time I mistook some reviews, maybe unable to think the other way and thanks Christian and Phillip for correcting me. After doing all these changes, sent the v3-Patch series to the mailing list.


This week I will continue to complete the patch series of amend! and reword! commit. Coming to implementation of reword! commit, some rethinking need to be done for its User interface as there are two possibilities :

  1. make a reword! commit, using git commit --fixup=reword:<commit> and upon autosquash it will change pick command to fixup -C (not changing to present command reword as we don’t want editor to be opened again)
  2. make amend! commit, using git commit --fixup=reword:<commit> and upon autosquash it will change pick command to fixup -C.

So here both only reword any previous commit and it implies --allow-empty. Any suggestions for reword! commit user interface?

Thanks for reading.

Written on January 25, 2021