Week 6 - Reviews and Discussions

Received reviews on the patch series sent last week to Git mailing list and also discussed regarding the implementation of next subtask.


For the implementation of the amend! commit, firstly after going through the Phillip’s patches that implements the amend! commit as git commit --amend=<commit> I started with looking around the codebase of builtin/commit.c and debugging for the variables, functions when we run command git commit --fixup=<commit> and spotted for the changes to be done in prepare_to_commit(). Then I also spent some time learning about parse-options API.

So, the subtask to be done on the top of Phillip’s patches is to implement the different user interface of the amend! commit considering all pros and cons of the available options. And after discussing with the mentors and community on the git mailing list as here, it’s decided to implement it as git commit --fixup=amend/reword:<commit>. Also, one of the major features to select this option is that it supports the backward compatibility as guided by Phillip here. Earlier I started playing around and implementing it in different way, on the work branch but now after discussions, I got more clear regarding the implementation and working on it.


Still some minor changes are left to be done before sending the v2 of patch series on the mailing list as pushed on the work branch, will complete that. Next, for this week I will continue to work on implementation of the amend!/reword! commit and prepare it’s patch series.

It’s the middle of the internship and as per project timelines I am running late in completing the first task of "Implementing reword! commit", which could be replaced as "Add amend! and reword! options to the fixup! commit". But I will speed up and complete this task soon. Also, I am thankful for the support from mentors and the community.


Written on January 16, 2021