Week 11 - Updates!

Received reviews on the previous patch series and continued working on the Implementation of "drop!" commit.


Worked on the reviews received on the previous patch series Implementation of “amend!” commit (Thanks to Junio for the suggestions). Firstly, we need to improve the implementation of parsing fixup_message to detect amend/reword, so instead of checking if ‘:’ occurs before ‘^’ or ‘@’, Junio suggested to add helper function that does strspn(alpha). Secondly, to remove ‘-m’ commit message option working with amend and reword suboptions, here I agree with Junio’s point that it is more expected to edit the original commit message while preparing “amend!” commit and using -m for directly appending the commit message may result in the confusion at the user end. Next, there was a bug with reword option that was taking changes when passed with pathspec, or with interactive_patch options. So we need to add a check and error it out. Besides this there were few changes required in commit message and to update the documentation of git-commit with above mentioned changes and also to mention about the authorship of the fixed up commit.

Revised patch series:

v2 - Implementation of “amend!” commit

Next, started working on the “drop!” commit patch series workbranch. Till now we are able to create the “drop!” commit using command git revert --drop. And, coming to the working of “drop!” commit upon --autosquash, it is currently resulting in segmentation fault, maybe we need to add check if “drop!” commit is rearranged or not in rebase todo-help and still I am working on it. Next, as pointed by Phillip we also need to look for the working of the chain of the “drop!” commits, which I think to check for commit subject starting with “drop! drop” as in this case we don’t need to change the command of previous commit from pick to drop in rebase todo-list…Work still in progress…

  • git reset vs git revert, link.
  • How to revert a merge commit in git, link.


Will continue to work on the “drop!” commit patch series that includes to solve the bug, complete the working of “drop!” commit upon –autosquash and to add the tests and documentation for the same.

Thanks for reading!

Written on February 25, 2021