Week 10 - Patch Series Sent & [WIP] Implementation of "drop!" commit

Last week I spent on stitching up the loose points in the prepared patches of “amend!” commit (workbranch) and finally sent it to the mailing list. After that also started with the second part of project i.e to Implement the “drop!” commit.


In “amend!” commit patch series, worked on adding a check so that git deny to create “amend!” commit if the commit message body of “amend!” commit is empty. Further as suggested by Phillip, added an additional check so that it allows to create the “amend!” commit with an empty commit message body if --allow-empty-message is passed with it and also updated the tests for the same (t/t7500). Besides this, worked on some more improvements in documentation and commit messages as guided by Christian and Phillip.

Patches Status :
Latest Patches (Under Review) : commit: Implementation of “amend!” commit
On Seen Branch (topic:cm/rebase-i-updates) : Improve the ‘fixup [-C | -c]’ in interactive rebase
On Next Branch (topic:cm/rebase-i) : rebase -i: add options to fixup command

Next, Implementation of “drop!” commit, that addresses the issue as here. It’s working includes - to create a “drop!” commit and also dropping the changes of the specific commit (i.e now done using git revert <commit>). So, we can go with the suggested UI as below:

git revert --drop <commit>

that mirrors the below commands:

git revert -n <commit> &&

git commit -m 'drop! '"$(git show -s --oneline <commit>)"

Also upon git rebase --autosquash, it will implicitly drop the specific commit and the “drop!” commit as well.

Starting with the implementation I started with looking around and debugging into the revert.c file where we need to add the --drop option. Then traced the functions and figured out the do_pick_commit() in sequencer.c where we need to add the functionality of “drop!” commit and to modify the replay_opts structure to add --drop option. And the further work is still in progress.

Besides this I was also looking for How to fetch the complete series of patches at once from the mailing list ?

One way to fetch is to download the raw patches from the mailing list and use git am.

Alternative, as suggested by Christian I learned about b4, that work with code submissions in a public-inbox archive and makes more easier to fetch the complete patch series using single command :

b4 am <message-id> - Create an mbox file of complete patch series that is ready to git-am.

To-Install - Just Clone the b4 repo from here and follow the README.

Link to - Documentation


Will continue to work on adding a new feature of “drop!” commit and in parallel work on the reviews or any suggestions on the “amend!” commit patch series.

Thanks for reading!

Written on February 17, 2021