About Me

Hi, I graduated from Electronics and Communication, Panjab University, India. I love programming robots and believe in solving real world problems with new technologies. Earlier, I also worked as a Robotics Software Intern. I have experience with the mobile robots and have worked majorly on the SLAM, Navigation and localization algorithms using ROS. I learn and explore new things in my day to day life.

I am self-taught programmer and recently completed Outreachy Internship with Git, where I worked on enhancing the git interactive rebase and adding the new feature of amend! and reword! commits to it and further continuing as an Open source contributor. I am open to the Software Developer or Robotics Engineer roles. Please do check out my Resume.

Besides, I spend my free time reading books, listening to music and exploring nature. Also, I would always be happy to meet new people all around. Feel free to contact me through my social links.