Git intern in Outreachy

All it started with Open Source. I always wanted to be an active open source contributor and believe that the best way to improve skills is by contributing to open source projects.

So this year right after my internship as a Robotics software Intern, I decided to have a break, and focus on brushing up my software skills. Also pandemic of Covid can be one of the reasons but anyways I stick to my decision. Meanwhile I got to know that winter Outreachy application is starting. I was aware about Outreachy, through my seniors since college but never applied at that time because of my engagements in other college project work. And this time I applied for it. After signing up as Outreachy applicant, we need to clear the initial application process which involves some questions about time commitments and regarding our experiences in the tech industry.

After initial application process gets cleared all we need to do is to select project, make contributions and submit the final application after discussing with mentors. I chose Git, as it was one of my favourite commands and I just love the way everything is handled with git. For the initial contribution we can always start with good first issues, put our efforts to solve it and discuss any doubts or regarding the project we are applying for with community and mentors. The Git community has already mentioned some microprojects as well as the good first issue to start with. I picked one micro-project, worked on it and also discussed regarding the project I selected. To be frank, throughout this contribution period, you learn a lot. For me, the best thing about the initial contribution period with Git was that I learned and got experience with a traditional mailing list based project.

Outreachy interns were announced and yes I got selected to work with Git on a project - “Implement drop! and reword! commits in Git interactive rebase” mentored by Christian Couder and Phillip Wood. I thank the Outreachy, Mentors and Git community for this opportunity. I am excited for working on the project as a git intern and forever as an open source contributor.

Throughout my internship I will be updating my work and learnings in the coming blog series.


Written on December 5, 2020